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Vocal pedagogy vocal course
Online lessons


You can master it at a reasonable price
Vocal pedagogy online lesson
Introduced a simple and easy lesson reservation system
​​ " Trial 30-minute lesson " is also available

Let's start online lessons too!

Vocal pedagogy vocal course
About online lessons

\ Recommended Vocal Course /


Voice training

Learn the correct way to generate a song.

By training firmly from the posture and breathing method, we will finish it to the ideal singing voice.



Whether you like karaoke or are not good at karaoke, enjoy your favorite songs.

We will advise you on tips for J-POP, K-POP, Western music, etc.



We offer a wide range of specialized lessons, from vocalizations necessary for musicals to expression methods.

There is an instructor specializing in musicals.

Recommended for beginners of vocal pedagogy!
Cheap online vocal lessons ♪ (Vocal pedagogy karaoke)

Master firmly from the vocalization method!

You can enjoy learning according to each person's skills.

It supports a wide range of genres such as J-POP, anime songs, K-POP, Western music, and musicals, so you can enjoy learning songs according to your skills.

Online lessons only  Cheap rates!

Save so much with the standard plan! ??

​Cheapest plan

1 lesson ticket 45 minutes

From 3,850 yen including tax

Per lesson

2,907 yen !! (tax included)

7 lesson ticket 45 minutes

From 20,350 yen including tax

Further! !!

・ Trial 30 minutes lesson  Free only now

Free admission fee

・ No settlement fee

Even at the lowest price in the industry, the lesson time is plenty 45 minutes ☆

Cheapest plan " 2,642 yen tax excluded (2,907 yen tax included) / per lesson" (for 7 lesson tickets)

From children to adults, you can learn from the basics with online lessons by professional vocal pedagogy teachers!

Of course there is no compromise in the quality of vocal lessons! !!

What is the secret of lesson fees and cheapness?

You may be wondering why online lessons in the Vox-y online music class are so cheap.

Vox-y is working to promote and introduce telework such as working from home after taking measures against infectious diseases, and online lessons are basically delivered from the instructor's house.

As a result, we were able to minimize the cost of facilities such as lesson rooms, and as a result, we were able to reduce the lesson fee to this level!

Of course, it doesn't affect the quality of the lessons!

Rather, it is an online lesson using home equipment and equipment that is particular to professional musicians, so it is possible to deliver very high quality lessons!

"Trial 30-minute lesson" is also available ♪ Admission fee is free ♪

Please use this as well!

[Details of online vocal pedagogy lessons]

"Vox-y" has been used by many students so far, and has been very well received for its reliable teaching method and careful attention.

The sophisticated know-how is a unique thing that has been cultivated by the actual instruction unique to "Vox-y" that has a physical store, and it is a special "improvement tool" for you that other online lesson classes do not have. ..

You can easily take full-scale musical instrument lessons at home using apps such as Zoom. All reservations and payments are completed on the online site, so it's very easy. Why don't you learn music well while having fun video calls with experienced teachers?

□ How to take lessons

1. " Membership registration " on the online lesson site

2. Purchase lesson ticket

(Credit card payment)

3. Book a lesson from the reservation scheduling page

4. Actually take online lessons

□ Lesson ticket fee

・ 1 lesson ticket 45 minutes 3,500 yen excluding tax (3,850 yen including tax)

・ 3 lesson ticket 45 minutes 8,500 yen excluding tax (9,350 yen including tax)

・ 5 lesson ticket 45 minutes 13,500 yen excluding tax (14,850 yen including tax)

・ 7 lesson ticket 45 minutes 18,500 yen excluding tax (20,350 yen including tax)

□ "Trial 30-minute lesson"

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson that can be used at a special price for the first time only.

Please purchase "Trial 30 Minutes Lesson" when you take this course.

□ Admission fee, suspension fee, settlement fee

It 's all free .

Image by Marius Masalar
Online lesson curriculum

Voice training

・ "Explanation of singing posture"

To improve your vocals, you must acquire the correct singing posture.

We will explain how to take the best posture for standing and singing and sitting and singing.

Correcting your posture is important in your daily life, so be sure to wear it!

・ "Vocal pedagogy stretch of facial muscles"

There are various methods of vocal pedagogy. First of all, I will train my facial muscles and make it a body that can sing.

・ "Adjust your singing voice"

We will arrange the singing voice that you want to hear to others and the singing voice that suits you.

You will also learn how to breathe, such as how to exhale, falsetto, and mixed voice.

・ "How to sing with lyrics"

Learn the accent of words, pronunciation of English, etc.

We will learn how to sing suitable for the lyrics.


We will do a wide range of training from simple rhythm training such as tempo keeping to difficult rhythm training using jazz. Even if you sing the same way, if you get the rhythm firmly, you will hear it better. Let's learn while enjoying the rhythm!

Image by Caleb George
Lecturer / Instructor


ボーカル講師 野間.jpg

Naho Noma (Nomanao)

Vocal pedagogy vocal instructor


Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen University, Faculty of Music, Department of Vocal Music. He has been interested in musicals since he was a student, and learned musical singing in parallel with classical music.

After graduating, he has been active as a singing instructor, acting instructor, and rhythmic instructor while also working as a choir and backing chorus, as well as working on the stage and events. Experienced as a lecturer at a major office.


Thank you for your interest. People who like songs! People who like theater! I love it too ♪

But I'm not good at singing in public, I want to sing better, and I have no end to my worries. In my lesson, I take lessons that make the most of the person's "individuality" and "voice quality."

I want to make a louder voice, I want to sing in a relaxed manner, I can't make a sound, I want to make a high voice, I want to sing with emotions ... Why don't you face various worries and "I want to be"?

Since the body is an instrument for singing, physical and mental fatigue is most likely to affect the performance. It's fun to train and sing in lessons, and if you can sing better than you are now, you'll feel better and you'll be able to lead a very positive life ♪

All of my students had different facial expressions before and after taking the lesson, and many of them said, "I was able to diverge today!". Let's blow away your daily fatigue and anger (?) Aloud ♪

Recently, the guidance of those who aim to become professionals is increasing. I would like to be as close as possible to help make my dreams come true.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. The genres of the students' songs are all different, from popular songs to JPOP, Vocaloid, anime songs, musical songs, and so on.

But I think it's the most fun and motivating to practice the songs you like. Please feel free to contact us about the assignment song ♪

Personally, I am taking lessons while raising children. Therefore, lessons are only available during weekday hours at the nursery school. We may be able to consult with you regarding days and times that are not normally accepted, so please contact us if you have any questions.


Oba Sumie

Vocal pedagogy vocal instructor


After graduating from Toho Girls' High School Music Department, graduated from Toho Gakuen University Music Department.
While in high school, studied at the Concert Hall of the Gnessin in Moscow.
After graduating from university, he held concerts all over the country as a member of Trio du Polonia. He also performed with the New Japan Philharmonic Concertmaster in the duo.
In 2008, he performed as a piano harpsichord player for Masato Usuki's World Floyd Philharmonic. Moved to Germany after the 2011 solo recital. He studied under the professor of Berlin University of the Arts. He has won prizes in the Japanese Classical Music Competition, Tama Fresh Concert, and Asian International Music Competition. Gold Award and Art Award at the 5th HANAMIZUKI Art Festival.
Piano by Yuko Matsumoto, Tomoko Oka, Prozorowa
Studied under Marina, Genichiro Murakami, Itsuko Kato, the late Elena Rapitskaya, and Motoko Toyoda.
In performance activities, he held performances at art appreciation parties at elementary and junior high schools nationwide, and held concerts playing the sounds of many old pianos restored by the father of a piano restorer, and was featured in NHK programs and music magazines. There is.
Besides teaching, he is active in solo and ensemble.


Nice to meet you. I'm Yumie Oba, a vocal pedagogy instructor.
We can teach a wide range of popular things and narration, so we will carefully teach from those who want to learn happily to those who want to study hard.

Music colors everyday life and moisturizes the mind. Let's enjoy together ♪

Lecturer demonstration video
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