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Drums Online Lesson

Drum course
Online lessons

Image by Daniel Bernard

You can master it at a reasonable price
Online drum lessons
Introduced a simple and easy lesson reservation system
" Trial 30-minute lesson " is also available

Let's start online lessons too!

Drum course

About online lessons

Drum beginners are the hottest!

Cheap online drum lessons ♪

It supports a wide range of genres such as rock, blues, and jazz.

You can enjoy learning according to each person's skills.

It supports a wide range of genres such as J-POP, anime songs, and Western music, so you can enjoy learning drums according to your skills.

Even at the lowest price in the industry, the lesson time is plenty 45 minutes ☆

Cheapest plan " 2,642 yen tax excluded (2,907 yen tax included) / per lesson" (for 7 lesson tickets)

From children to adults, you can learn from the basics with online lessons by professional drum teachers!

Of course there is no compromise in the quality of the drum lessons! !!



What is the secret of lesson fees and cheapness?


You may be wondering why online lessons in the Vox-y online music class are so cheap.


Vox-y is working to promote and introduce telework such as working from home after taking measures against infectious diseases, and online lessons are basically delivered from the instructor's house.


As a result, we were able to minimize the cost of facilities such as lesson rooms, and as a result, we were able to reduce the lesson fee to this level!


Of course, it doesn't affect the quality of the lessons!


Rather, it is an online lesson using home equipment and equipment that is particular to professional musicians, so it is possible to deliver very high quality lessons!


"Trial 30-minute lesson" is also available ♪ Admission fee is free ♪

Please use this as well!



Online drum lesson details


"Vox-y" has been used by many students so far, and has been very well received for its reliable teaching method and careful attention.

The sophisticated know-how is a unique thing that has been cultivated by the actual instruction unique to "Vox-y" that has a physical store, and it is a special "improvement tool" for you that other online lesson classes do not have. ..


You can easily take full-scale musical instrument lessons at home using apps such as Zoom. All reservations and payments are completed on the online site, so it's very easy. Why don't you learn music well while having fun video calls with experienced teachers?



□ How to take lessons

1. " Membership registration " on the online lesson site

2. Purchase lesson ticket

(Credit card payment)

3. Book a lesson from the reservation scheduling page

4. Actually take online lessons


□ Lesson ticket fee

・ 1 lesson ticket 45 minutes 3,500 yen excluding tax (3,850 yen including tax)

・ 3 lesson ticket 45 minutes 8,500 yen excluding tax (9,350 yen including tax)

・ 5 lesson ticket 45 minutes 13,500 yen excluding tax (14,850 yen including tax)

・ 7 lesson ticket 45 minutes 18,500 yen excluding tax (20,350 yen including tax)


□ "Trial 30-minute lesson"

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson that can be used at a special price for the first time only.

Please purchase "Trial 30 Minutes Lesson" when you take this course.


□ Admission fee, suspension fee, settlement fee

It 's all free .

Image by Marius Masalar
Online lesson curriculum

・ "Explanation of basic form"

To improve your drums, you must wear the right and suitable foam.

If you are worried about keeping a stable rhythm or improving your drum fill, you need to review this as well.

You can learn accurate drum skills by incorporating some practice methods suitable for stroke training.


・ "Explanation of how to read sheet music and notes"

Let's read the rhythm and lead sheets unique to drums!

We will explain the types of quarter notes, rests, and beats in an easy-to-understand manner.


・ "Explanation of rhythm and sense of time"

No matter how wonderful the song, if the rhythm and timing are out of sync, it won't touch your heart.

Develop the most important rhythm and sense of time as the part where you can hear the sound.

・ "Challenge to drum solo!"

Once you have the basicsLet's try a drum solo ♪

Let's play cool with free rhythm patterns, drum fills, etc.!

・ "Music production using ad-lib and music theory on a scale"

Once you have some technique and knowledge, try making your own original music.

Learn music theory such as scales and chords necessary for composition, and perform ad lib performances and create original songs.

Image by Caleb George
Lecturer / Instructor





Aitaro Ishii (Yoshitaro Ishii)



Drum instructor





Started playing drums at the age of 18.

Participated in live concerts, recordings and sessions with various bands while in college. Studied ROCK and POPS under Christian Mur.

Currently working as a support drummer for LANGUE DE CHAT NOIR and working as a lecturer.





Nice to meet you. I'm Aitaro Ishii, a drum instructor. I think there are various feelings of wanting to start playing drums, such as "I want to hit this song," "I want to relieve stress," and "I want to solve my lack of exercise." Please come to the trial lesson once.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, we will give you lessons according to your needs so that you can get closer to your ideals. thank you!




Toki (Takashi Higashi)



Drum instructor





December 19, 1991 Type A Began playing the piano from an early age and was in charge of the trumpet in the brass band club of junior high school.

At the recommendation of an adviser, he entered Toho Daini High School attached to Toho University of Music and learned specialized knowledge and skills.

After that, he went to Toho University of Music and started full-scale activities. While attending school, he was fascinated by Western music and started playing drums. After graduating, he started his professional activities. Currently, he is active as a supporter and instructor for live recording of artists in parallel with his own band activities.


Major co-starring artistsJunk Fujiyama, ISEKI, Wabi_Sabi, Honeydew, Eisuke Yoshioka, CicadaCitron vert, Sonicblew, Saika, TCBC, yukinochaos

Lecturer demonstration video

What equipment do I need to take online drum lessons? What should I prepare at first?

東 岐 動画制作・編集コース (1).jpg

Vox-y Online Music Class I'm Takashi Higashi, a drum instructor.


Introducing the equipment you need and useful equipment to take online drum lessons.

However, please be assured that we will not introduce such expensive items! Lol

1. PC, smartphone, tablet (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)


First of all, from the basic key!

Online drum lessons can be started with a smartphone or tablet.


It's necessary to show each other's images.


If you have a laptop, we also recommend it!

In that case, please check if your computer has an in-camera!

If you don't have one, you can prepare a web camera separately!


Perhaps many people who take drum lessons go to the rehearsal studio and take it, so please choose a place with Wi-Fi as much as possible.

With mobile communication, there is a lot of traffic and the internet is slow at the end of the month! Please be careful!


By the way, I don't have an iPad! If you go to the bottom of Apple's official website, there is an item called refurbished product .

You can buy old products as good as new at outlet prices, so be sure to check them out!

2. Microphone, webcam

I don't think drummers are very familiar with it lol

The iPhone's microphone is very good and if it makes a loud sound, it will be put together in a good way, but there are still limits.

In particular, the volume of the drums is about the same level as the train, so in most cases the sound will be broken.


A stereo microphone for the iPhone should be prepared there.

The famous one is ZOOM iQ7 !



If you insert this in the same way as when charging, you can record with good sound.

Of course, it can also be used on the iPad.


3. Stick & practice pad


It's a drum, so it's natural! It may be said, but it's the most important thing lol

Especially for the practice pad, it may be good to prepare it because the teacher will focus on the basic hand technique in the first half.


By the way, my recommended practice pad is EVANS Realeel .

As a result of trying each manufacturer, the most rebounding etc. is close to the snare and you can practice in earnest.


I also like WINCENT's Dual Pad .

You can easily put it on your lap and practice when watching TV.

4. Electronic drum & audio interface

If you have an electronic drum and want to take online lessons from home, it is convenient to have an audio interface.


It is a machine for inputting the sound of electronic musical instruments to a personal computer, but please be careful to select one that has at least 2 channels.


Unlike guitars and basses, drums are based on stereo input, so a cheap interface may only have 1ch.

As a guide, I think that you can use it with confidence if the product is 15,000 yen or more.


My recommendation is Steinberg's UR22MKⅡ and PRESONUS's Studio 24c !

I think it can be used for a long time here!



If it's still expensive! In that case, BEHRINGER's UMC202HD is also good!



Although it is in the low price range, there is no problem with the sound at all, so this is also recommended.


By the way, if you connect it to a Mac, you will be able to recognize it and use it without permission, but if you are using Windows, you may not be able to use it unless you install drivers etc. from the official website, so please be careful!


We will advise you on the perfect environment


When you hear the word "online lesson", you may think that the threshold is a little high, but if you try it, it will be done at home or in a nearby studio, so it is surprisingly easy.

If you want to start casually, you can take lessons with your smartphone, so please make a reservation for " Trial 30 Minutes Lesson " first.

We will also give you direct advice on the equipment environment that is perfect for you.

The standard plan is for online drum lessons.

Please note that it cannot be used with special course plans.

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