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Ukulele  Online Lesson

Ukulele course
Online lessons

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You can master it at a reasonable price
Ukulele online lesson
Introduced a simple and easy lesson reservation system
​​​ " Trial 30-minute lesson " is also available

Let's start online lessons too!

Ukulele course

About online lessons

Ukulele beginners are the hottest!

Cheap online ukulele lessons ♪

You can enjoy learning from playing to solo ukulele according to each person's skill.

It supports a wide range of genres such as Hawaiian, J-POP, anime songs, and Western music, so you can enjoy learning ukulele according to your skills.

Even at the lowest price in the industry, the lesson time is plenty 45 minutes ☆

Cheapest plan " 2,642 yen tax excluded (2,907 yen tax included) / per lesson" (for 7 lesson tickets)

From children to adults, you can learn from the basics with online lessons by professional ukulele teachers!

Of course there is no compromise on the quality of the ukulele lessons! !!




What is the secret of lesson fees and cheapness?



You may be wondering why online lessons in the Vox-y online music class are so cheap.


Vox-y is working to promote and introduce telework such as working from home after taking measures against infectious diseases, and online lessons are basically delivered from the instructor's house.


As a result, we were able to minimize the cost of facilities such as lesson rooms, and as a result, we were able to reduce the lesson fee to this level!


Of course, it doesn't affect the quality of the lessons!


Rather, it is an online lesson using home equipment and equipment that is particular to professional musicians, so it is possible to deliver very high quality lessons!


"Trial 30-minute lesson" is also available ♪ Admission fee is free ♪

Please use this as well!



[Details of online ukulele lessons]


"Vox-y" has been used by many students so far, and has been very well received for its reliable teaching method and careful attention.

The sophisticated know-how is a unique thing that has been cultivated by the actual instruction unique to "Vox-y" that has a physical store, and it is a special "improvement tool" for you that other online lesson classes do not have. ..


You can easily take full-scale musical instrument lessons at home using apps such as Zoom. All reservations and payments are completed on the online site, so it's very easy. Why don't you learn music well while having fun video calls with experienced teachers?



□ How to take lessons

1. " Membership registration " on the online lesson site

2. Purchase lesson ticket

(Credit card payment)

3. Book a lesson from the reservation scheduling page

4. Actually take online lessons


□ Lesson ticket fee

・ 1 lesson ticket 45 minutes 3,500 yen excluding tax (3,850 yen including tax)

・ 3 lesson ticket 45 minutes 8,500 yen excluding tax (9,350 yen including tax)

・ 5 lesson ticket 45 minutes 13,500 yen excluding tax (14,850 yen including tax)

・ 7 lesson ticket 45 minutes 18,500 yen excluding tax (20,350 yen including tax)


□ "Trial 30-minute lesson"

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson that can be used at a special price for the first time only.

Please purchase "Trial 30 Minutes Lesson" when you take this course.


□ Admission fee, suspension fee, settlement fee

It 's all free .

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Online lesson curriculum

・ "Explanation of basic form"

To improve your ukulele, you must wear the right and suitable foam.

If you are worried about improving the cord presser or stroke control, you need to review this as well.

You can learn accurate playing skills by incorporating some practice methods suitable for fingering training.


・ "Explanation of how to read sheet music and notes"

Let's read the ukulele's unique chord notation and tablature!

We will explain the names of quarter notes, rests, and chords in an easy-to-understand manner.


・ "Explanation of rhythm and sense of time"

No matter how wonderful the song, if the rhythm and timing are out of sync, it won't touch your heart.

Develop the most important rhythm and sense of time as the part where you can hear the sound.

・ "Challenge the solo ukulele!"

Once you have the basicsLet's try solo ukulele ♪

Let's play the accompaniment and melody alone and play cool.

・ "Music production using ad-lib and music theory on a scale"

Once you have some technique and knowledge, try making your own original music.

Learn music theory such as scales and chords necessary for composition, and perform ad lib performances and create original songs.

Image by Caleb George
Lecturer / Instructor




Yuki Misawa (Yuki Misawa)

Electric bass instructor

Ukulele teacher


Started electric bass when he was a high school student.
After graduating, go to TSM Shibuya to learn about the fun, rigor, and difficulty of electric bass.
As a freelance bassist after graduation, activities such as start-up sessions, bands, and support are currently underway.
Omoimegurasu, Yuki Sato, Fly Ants, Takuya Kudo, Sonic Blew, arock support participation

Greetings Hello, I'm Misawa, a teacher of Vox-y online music class ukulele.
The ukulele is a very major instrument.
There are some folk instruments that have not been clarified yet, such as teaching methods, but the ukulele is a folk instrument that originated in Hawaii and has established various techniques and is very comfortable in tone.
Since the ukulele is a very light instrument, it does not put a lot of strain on the body, and the simplicity of the instrument structure is also good.
However, the simpler it is, the more difficult it is, and the deeper charm it has is the fun part of the ukulele.
Please take this opportunity to start ukulele ♪



Naoki Akutsu (Akutsu Naoki)

Ukulele teacher

Guitar instructor


I got a guitar when I was 14 years old. I was attracted to the coolness of Western music and was a strange child who only listened to the so-called 80s series. While studying at Yokohama Music School, he studied songwriting in earnest and performed his own composition by ebye, which won the 2014 YM Best Guitarist Award. Since then, he has been engaged in music activities such as recording participation.



I like a variety of music from the 1950s to the present day, so I look forward to working with you. Music is free, so it's interesting!

Lecturer demonstration video

The standard plan is for online ukulele lessons.

Please note that it cannot be used with special course plans.

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