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Shred guitar special course
by Yusuke Sakakibara


A special guitar course specializing only in shred guitar

We will teach you the secrets of high-dimensional technique and overwhelming sound.

I will also carefully explain how to use music theory in shred guitar.

Winner of the Grand Prix of the Transcendental Guitar Contest

Special online lessons by guitarists

Premium guitar course specializing only in fast-playing guitars

Representative of Vox-y online music class Sakakibara's own online fast-playing guitar lesson.

Sakakibara, the instructor in charge of online lessons, won the grand prix at the "Transcendence Guitar Contest" sponsored by Kelly SIMONZ, who is now popular as a charismatic transcendental guitarist.

You should be able to experience reliable guitar improvement with practical and effective guitar lessons that have trained many guitarists and made use of many years of guitar teaching experience.

Not only beginners, but also those who are stuck in improving their shred guitar and are feeling the limits, we recommend you to take this course!

Daily training practice is indispensable for improving the fast-playing guitar, but many people who feel the limit of their progress misinterpret the basics of fast-playing guitar in the first place.

What is important is the control of each of the right and left hands, the sense of balance, and the sense of time (rhythm).

In most cases, reviewing these first will take you one step further.

First-time users can use the "Trial 30-minute lesson".

We will find out the factors that are hindering your progress and points for improvement, and propose a specific direction for the lesson curriculum.


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Yusuke Sakakibara (Yusuke Sakakibara)


Representative of Vox-y Music School

Shred guitar instructor

Electric guitar / acoustic guitar instructor


Born in 1986 Born in Aichi Prefecture

Started playing acoustic guitar in junior high school, and formed a band in charge of electric guitar in high school.

Hone your skills focusing on live activities such as university circles and live houses in your hometown of Nagoya.

At the same time, he started producing original songs and recording with DTM, which was not popular at that time.

After graduating from high school, he entered a vocational school NSM and studied under Kelly Simonz, the author of "Transcendental Guitarist Training Gips" while attending school.

After that, he went to the United States and learned more knowledge and techniques at MI Hollywood.

After returning to Japan, he has been active as a guitarist, such as his own band "LEGNA", solo activities, music provision and participation in various recordings.

Won the Grand Prix at the "1st Kelly Simonz Transcendental Guitar Contest" held in 2016.

Has a reputation for overwhelming fast playing and powerful sound.

After that, he established Vox-y Music School in 2014 by making use of his many years of teaching experience in other music classes.

Dedicated to guitar teaching and artist activities.

​About the shred guitar special lesson

There are various styles even if it is just a shred guitar.

Rock shred guitar using the pentatonic scale, modal shred guitar using the diatonic scale, etc.

What you need to learn will change depending on the style you aim for.

However, the basis of the guitar sound such as touch, dynamics, and sense of time is the same.

Learning the most efficient practice and learning methods is essential for learning a shred guitar.

In the worst case, no matter how much you practice the wrong way of doing things, you will develop bad form habits and wrong sense of pitch.

To prevent this from happening, take a reliable lesson from a teacher with a solid skill as soon as possible!

Whether you want to try shred guitar from now on, or if you've been playing shred guitar for many years and want to go even higher, I can assure you.

"If you take this shred guitar special lesson, you will definitely improve!"

It's a lie, but it's an unmistakable fact.

Why did I win the Grand Prix in the guitar contest? Why did you improve so much in the same limited time as everyone else? This is important.

Certainly, we have made considerable efforts in the past. Sometimes it was sluggish.

However, I realized that I was studying in the United States and got the "knack".

Since then, I've improved and I've always been able to play more than I imagined!

Whether you know this "knack" or not will make a big difference as a guitarist.

In the first place, there is no other guitar instructor who knows and teaches such things.

If you really want to improve, you should know this "knack"!

Trial lessons are available for the special fast-playing guitar course.

If you are skeptical, please check it out. It shouldn't hurt.

Shred lesson curriculum

・ "Basic hand form in shred guitar"

You must wear the right and suitable form to learn shred guitar.

Those who are worried about improving picking speed and control need to review this as well.

You can learn accurate playing skills by incorporating some practice methods suitable for fingering training.

・ "Explanation of rhythm and sense of time"

Even difficult techniques cannot be decided coolly if the rhythm and timing are out of sync.

Develop the most important sense of time as the part where you can hear the sound.

・ "Master technical phrases such as sweep picking and tapping"

If you like shred guitar, we will carefully explain the advanced techniques that everyone longs for, from basic to compound techniques.

You will learn various styles of techniques from the assignment songs of each genre.

・ "Music production using ad-lib and shred guitar on a scale"

After learning some technique, try the original shred guitar.

Learn music theory such as scales and chords represented by shred guitar, and perform ad lib performances and create original music.

Shred guitar special course
Information about attendance

Online lessons can be taken from anywhere in the country

This online guitar lesson is conducted using the video calling app Zoom, but please be assured that even beginners can easily take it.

The Vox-y online music classroom site provides detailed explanations of system information and how to use Zoom.

Since payment and reservation are completed on the online site, you can use the guitar lesson very conveniently without any hassle.

If you are looking for a high level guitar lesson, please check out this special course.

Of course, even beginners of shred guitar can enjoy it!

From the basics of the guitar to high-dimensional techniques and music theory necessary for a fast-playing guitarist-the secret of overwhelming sound, we will tea