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Online lesson usage guide

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Lesson notes

Regarding course purchase / refund

​The lesson ticket you purchase has a number of times and an expiration date. Refunds cannot be made except for unavoidable reasons, so please be careful when making a purchase or making a reservation.

Regarding reservation / cancellation

Reservations can be made from 3 days to 14 days in advance. Please use within the ticket expiration date. Reservations can be changed or canceled up to 3 days before the reservation.

​Regarding misuse and nuisance

Please note that we will take strict measures if we discover meaningless reservations, reconnaissance by other companies in the same industry, or misuse such as page theft.


How to book a lesson

※2022年 7月より『Microsoft Teams』を使用してのレッスンへ移行します。


1 ⃣ Account creation and login


Click New Registration on the TOP page to move to the registration screen.

Enter the email address and password you want to register.

You can also register from your Facebook or Google account.

After registering, you can set your name, contact information, etc. from My Account.

* Those who have not registered an account cannot access the plan purchase or lesson reservation page.

2 ⃣ Lesson plan selection


Access the "Course Purchase" page from the menu bar.

Please select your favorite plan from the plan selection screen.

After selecting, it will move to the payment screen.

* The trial 30-minute lesson is basically available only once for all services.

"Trial 30-minute lesson" is always displayed on the selection screen and can be selected, but if duplicate applications are confirmed, it will be canceled.

3 ⃣​ Credit card payment


Please have your credit card handy.

Enter your credit card information and click the "Buy" button.

Please check again if there are any mistakes in the input contents.

You will receive a completion notification and receipt by email after the payment is completed.

* No payment is required for the trial 30-minute lesson (during the free period).

* Vox-y Online Music School has stricter security for payments so that members can use it with peace of mind.

4 ⃣ Schedule reservation


Access the "Lesson Reservation" page from the purchase completion screen or menu bar .

Please select the musical instrument course (instructor in charge) you would like to take.

The reservation calendar will be displayed, so select the desired date and time.

* Lessons can be reserved from 3 days to 14 days in advance.

The lesson ticket has an expiration date, so please use it as soon as possible.

5 ⃣​ Fill in the reservation form


After selecting the date, you will be taken to the "Reservation Form" input screen.

・ Enter your name (required), email address (required), phone number, and message. Please fill in here what you want to learn in the lesson.

Click the "Reserve" button when you have completed the entry.

* Use this email address when connecting lessons with Zoom (calling app).

Reservation completed! 

This completes your reservation.

Make a note of the dates in your Google calendar or schedule book.

You will receive a reservation completion confirmation email from the classroom.

Click here for how to take the lesson on the day of the lesson

(How to take lessons)

Learn more about schedule management and rebooking.

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or by phone.

Schedule management and rebooking


You can check the schedule after the reservation is completed from the account page .

You can also rebook and cancel from here.

* Please refrain from rebooking or canceling within 3 days of the lesson.

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